Our Differentiators

  • Single source of capital

    We manage over $1b of committed capital from a single limited partner without institutional constraints. This enables us to be highly flexible in terms of industry, investment structure, and time horizon. It also enables us to make expedited investment decisions due to streamlined diligence and closing processes.

  • Managed by entrepreneurs, operators, and investors

    Our team and single limited partner have years of experience starting, growing, and investing in leading companies across many industries. We can thus provide world-class talent and insight to owners and management teams that traditional investors cannot.

  • Global economic knowledge and relationships

    We have access to significant resources and high-level contacts around the globe to help our portfolio companies make informed decisions and company-building connections.

  • Ability to do deals quickly while respecting your privacy

    We have the ability to close deals rapidly because we do not have an institutional, bureaucratic decision making process or investment committee. We value the delicate nature of investments, and are always prompt to respond and act upon opportunities.