Our Philosophy

Mantucket Capital is not a passive investor. We believe that the only way to create substantial long-term value is to partner closely with the managers and owners of each portfolio company. The following are a few of the ways we add value:

      1.   Providing access to C-level executives and experts within numerous industries and Fortune 500 companies
      2.   Acting as mentors to and a sounding board for management teams
      3.   Formalizing and implementing business strategies
      4.   Providing access to our in-house resources
      5.   Identifying, negotiating, and integrating add-on acquisitions
      6.   Assessing and providing financial alternatives
      7.   Identifying, evaluating, and hiring senior executives
      8.   Implementing financial reporting systems and controls
      9.   Enhancing sales & marketing functions
      10.   Improving operations

Each of our portfolio companies has benefitted in one or more of these areas, and we look forward to bringing equal resources to our future partnerships.