Private Debt

We both originate our own loans and acquire discounted loans on the secondary market. Our loans are typically short term (6 – 24 months) and are secured by either a first or second lien position. Our loans tend to take the following forms:
Non-traditional asset-based loans

  • Mantucket will fund asset-backed financing of unique assets that typically do not qualify for bank financing. For example, we make loans collateralized by collections of fine art, accounts receivable, water rights, aircraft, yachts, diamonds, real estate, and illiquid positions in private companies.
  • Mezzanine Financing

    Mantucket provides subordinated capital to businesses seeking liquidity beyond what a senior lender will fund but less dilutive than equity.

  • DIP/Prime Financing

    We provide capital in situations where the current lender is willing to subordinate to the incoming funds and provide Mantucket a first lien on the collateral. These situations often arise when more capital is needed to complete a project or transaction but the current lender is unable to fund the capital need.

  • Secondary Market Loan Purchases

    In addition to origination loans, we acquire loans from other lending institutions and private lenders, generally at a material discount to par value.