Special Situations

As a result of our flexible capital base, creative approach, and quick decision making and closing processes, we can participate in opportunistic, special situation investing.  This often involves providing both equity and debt capital to a transaction, and generally coincides with a distressed company, property, or ownership group in need of a rapid refinancing or capital infusion.  Specifically, these investments often take the form of:

  • Distressed Debt Investing: purchase or assumption of debt, bonds, or trade claims of distressed businesses.
  • Equity Restructuring: purchase of equity from liquidating shareholders, banks, litigation claims, and bankruptcy filings.
  • Temporary Capital: providing bridge loans, mezzanine financing, DIPs, and other temporary capital solutions.
  • Management Restructuring: acquiring a position in a business in need of new management.
  • Turnaround Investing: acquiring a position in a struggling business where fresh capital and perspectives are needed.